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How to make a wish list for your next home

How to make a wish list for your next home?

Finding your dream home is not always as easy as you think. Especially in the real estate market, where there are hundreds of houses, it can sometimes be difficult to find a living space that fits your budget and dreams. But you can always build your dream house together with the Domino company. In the […]

Real estate management

Real estate management in the Dominican Republic.

Residential and commercial real estate is an important asset in the portfolio of any investor, the value of which depends on how competent and professional the care and maintenance of the object is. If you are unable to independently monitor the condition of apartments or villas in the Dominican Republic or just want to delegate […]

construction companies of the Dominican Republic

Construction companies of the Dominican Republic

Constructora – A successful construction and development company in the North of the Dominican Republic, which is based in Sosua and is responsible for the construction of commercial and residential real estate on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The company is currently engaged in the construction of 23 projects with more than […]

Construction of a mini-hotel in the Dominican Republic

The tourist business in the Dominican Republic is developing very dynamically, hence the popularity of mini-hotels and motels, which are cheaper than hotels and condos, although they often differ little from them in the level of service. The most important thing in designing mini-hotels is a good location, everything else is a question for architects […]

building a house in the Dominican Republic

Building a house in the Dominican Republic

Building a house in the Dominican Republic is a great opportunity to fulfill your dreams and desires, and not to adapt to someone else’s taste. And the time spent and the associated troubles will pay off with the result – of course, provided that the construction was carried out without violations and in compliance with […]

Building in the Dominican Republic

Building in the Dominican Republic

Why do you need a stretch ceiling Building in the Dominican Republic with our company allows you to use the latest technologies. A stretch ceiling is a special cloth that is stretched and fixed under the ceiling of a house / apartment using metal or plastic profiles. The technology allows you to create a perfectly […]

LUXURY Village residence

LUXURY Village residence

The company’s new project “ ” LUXURY Village residence, under construction in the heart of Sosua, will surprise with design, innovation and location close to the ocean. A new LUXURY Village resort real estate complex is being built in the Sosua center next to the ocean. Soon there will be a residence with villas for […]

The best grey interiors

Gray is not boring! The best gray interiors.

The main advantage of gray is its neutrality. Like a chameleon, the gray color changes “in the face” along with a cardinal change of furniture and decor. 50 shades of grey. Designers respect this color for its versatility and practicality. In a situation where white is too refined for the interior, light gray shades are […]

Cristal Oasis Condos. Cabarete Beach

Cristal Oasis Condos. Cabarete Beach

Cristal Oasis The Cristal Oasis Project will provide 15 beautiful, modern and luxurious apartments located on the most exclusive area of Cabarete and across Cabarete Beach. At the moment our company is working on a large facility in the center of Cabarate ✔️Cristal Oasis will feature a 48 Meter (157 Feet) pool with a covered […]