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Construction of a mini-hotel in the Dominican Republic

The tourist business in the Dominican Republic is developing very dynamically, hence the popularity of mini-hotels and motels, which are cheaper than hotels and condos, although they often differ little from them in the level of service. The most important thing in designing mini-hotels is a good location, everything else is a question for architects and designers. Mini-hotel projects should be such that tourists would be satisfied.

Our construction company has experience in this field and we offer ready-made mini-hotel projects and individual projects taking into account specific requirements and wishes.

We bring to your attention a new project of the Lumus mini-hotel for 2 or 4 rooms, this project will undoubtedly attract guests.

There are two layout options for the Lumus Mini Hotel project :

  1. Option with 2 standard rooms – with a swimming pool and a spacious cafe-bar.
  2. Option with 4 standard rooms – with a swimming pool and a spacious cafe-bar.

Which layout option you would not take , you can be sure – this mini-hotel will help to run a small but profitable hotel business without fear of competition

Remember that we are building not just real estate, but memorable and successful commercial real estate. Your object will become a liquid, sought-after market asset!


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