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The best grey interiors

Gray is not boring! The best gray interiors.

The main advantage of gray is its neutrality. Like a chameleon, the gray color changes “in the face” along with a cardinal change of furniture and decor.

50 shades of grey.
Designers respect this color for its versatility and practicality. In a situation where white is too refined for the interior, light gray shades are next on the list. For modern Scandinavian interiors, a cold light gray color is traditionally used, and for more classic or French interiors, a warm gray with the addition of beige or green.

In fact, there are hundreds of shades of gray and designers choose their own gray color for each case. Those who are sure that gray and white shades are cold and inhospitable, you just need to choose a warmer shade. The number of shades of gray is almost infinite – from steel and silver shades to slate and anthracite. Different shades of gray get along perfectly in one interior, but they look most spectacular in contrast with other colors.

The noble gray color is truly universal and looks decent both in a studio apartment and in a country house. It can be used in any room – from the living room and bedroom to the nursery and study.

The safest option is a light gray color no darker than a steel shade. For small rooms, this will be an ideal solution that allows you to visually expand the space and compensate for the eternally gloomy weather outside the window. And although it is impossible to overdo it with such a shade, we recommend using it as a base, and in addition choose more contrasting colors, for example, black, brown or white, if you want to get a typical Scandinavian interior.

A more spectacular option is a dark gray color, like lead, coal or a shade of “wet asphalt”. In spacious rooms, you can paint all the walls in this color and pick up furniture to match, and in small rooms you will have to limit yourself to an accent wall. The ceiling and floor should be light, so as not to turn the room into a dark cave.

Gray color will help hide massive storage systems and kitchen cabinets, you just need to choose the same shade for the facades. In the kitchen, where marble and wooden countertops and furniture are often used, gray will only emphasize their natural texture.

For bathrooms, light gray is a favorite, because dirt and stains are not so noticeable on it, and dozens of types of natural and artificial stone and ceramic tiles in gray tones are on sale. White faience, chrome or golden plumbing on a gray background looks bright and impressive.


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