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Cristal Oasis Condos. Cabarete Beach

Cristal Oasis Condos. Cabarete Beach

Cristal Oasis

The Cristal Oasis Project will provide 15 beautiful, modern and luxurious apartments located on the most exclusive area of Cabarete and across Cabarete Beach.

At the moment our company is working on a large facility in the center of Cabarate

✔️Cristal Oasis will feature a 48 Meter (157 Feet) pool with a covered sitting area and a view of the beach.
✔️Condos will be provided a parking garage.
✔️Cristal Oasis will be located right in the middle of Downtown Cabarete, a walk from great bars, restaurants and of course the beach.
✔️All condo units include highly efficient solar panels.
✔️Each Condo is equipped with Heat Recycling AC units.
✔️Water is essential for our bodies, but water bottles are terrible for planet. At Cristal Oasis, all Condo units are equipped with high quality water filtration systems.
✔️Two Elevators will carry you from the Garage to each floor or to the terrace.
✔️Cristal Oasis will be friendly for our friends with disabilities by providing wheelchair access and two elevators on premise.

The Cristal Oasis Condos project was formally announced on July 4th, 2019. The construction of 15 energy-efficient, modern, and luxurious condominiums located across beautiful Cabarete Beach , on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is currently underway.

You can always watch the progress of construction in our social networks

🔹 Cristal Oasis was designed with modernity in mind.
🔹 Each condo unit at Cristal Oasis will have a feeling of ‘Open Space’ as all units have a beach view.

Cristal Oasis

The Dominican Republic

If you decide to connect your life or vacation with a foreign coast, then the most profitable for you will be the purchase of housing in the Dominican Republic.

Dominicana is a wonderful island. There is a wonderful climate and nature, you can live there near the beach, overlooking the ocean. And most importantly, the Dominican Republic is famous for relatively cheap real estate. If you only want, experts will pick up for any option that would suit you. But, as in other matters, there is one but. This is the price. If you do not have the funds to buy a ready-made house, the perfect way out in this situation for you will be the opportunity to build your house in the Dominican Republic and the Domino Constructor will help you with this.

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