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How to make a wish list for your next home

How to make a wish list for your next home?

Finding your dream home is not always as easy as you think. Especially in the real estate market, where there are hundreds of houses, it can sometimes be difficult to find a living space that fits your budget and dreams. But you can always build your dream house together with the Domino company.

In the meantime, we suggest you make a wish list of the necessary things that you are considering for your home. The first thing you need to do to find a new home according to your wishes and needs is to make a wish list. This article contains detailed information on how to make a wish list for your next home.

First step: Define your current living space well.

The first step to making a wish list is to get to know your current living space. So you can start by making a detailed list of things you like and dislike about your home. For example, do you have enough space in your current home? Do you have a parking space? What things in this house don’t make you happy? You can search for answers to such questions.

The first thing people face when moving to a new house is how many square meters there should be in the house. In fact, your current home may help you find the answer. If the house you currently live in seems smaller to you and you need a more spacious area, you should choose a house with a higher square meter.

Second step: see the big picture.

When describing your new home, it is important to make a list of the features of the house that you cannot change in the wish list. These characteristics should form your preliminary basic requirements. Here are some things you need to determine in order to live in your new home for many years:

● Type of house. You need to determine whether you want to live in an apartment, a villa, a duplex or a three-level residence.

● Square meter of the house.

● The location of the house and whether this location corresponds to your lifestyle.

● Solid foundation.

● If you prefer a house with a garden, then a square meter of garden.

● Garage.

● Storage space.

Third step: Identify your needs.

Before defining your needs in your new home, you can visualize everything you imagine. You can access these images from residential magazines or online. In this list, you can list everything that you absolutely need in your home. Remember that only needs, not desires, should be defined in this section. You can sort your needs into the following categories.

● Must have

● Must have

● Could have

The fourth step: Make a list of your secondary desires

After you have compiled a list of all the necessary things for your new home, it’s time to treat yourself. All items in this list should be queries that won’t cause you problems, even if you don’t have them. These are requests such as a game room, a Jacuzzi, a large swimming pool, a sauna or a steam bath.

Fifth step: Choose a house that fits your budget

There are hundreds of types of projects in the real estate market in various concepts. Among these differences, you should choose the house that best fits your wish list and your budget. You will definitely find a house that meets your wishes and budget. Therefore, you should not waste time on houses that significantly exceed your budget. This way you will be able to find your dream home in a shorter time.

The last step: Get professional advice from Constructora

We recommend that you seek the advice of a team of experts in this field to find your dream homes. gives you the best tips for finding your dream home with a choice of real estate project. In addition, it provides you with customized solutions and ensures that you get the most suitable new home from your wish list as soon as possible. Click here to consult with a team of experts

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