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Building in the Dominican Republic

Building in the Dominican Republic

Why do you need a stretch ceiling

Building in the Dominican Republic with our company allows you to use the latest technologies.

A stretch ceiling is a special cloth that is stretched and fixed under the ceiling of a house / apartment using metal or plastic profiles. The technology allows you to create a perfectly smooth surface, which is very difficult (and often impossible) to achieve with the help of other ceiling coverings.

Building in the Dominican Republic


When the repair time is running out

Installation of a simple stretch ceiling takes only a few hours — much less than any other ceiling covering, including drywall. A complex ceiling — illuminated or in several levels — can be mounted for up to two days. At the same time, unlike painting, stretch ceilings do not need careful leveling of the base, which requires quite a lot of time and money.

When you just need a flat ceiling

The stretch fabric creates a perfectly smooth coating — not yellowing over time and without traces of a roller on the ceiling.

When you need a dirt-free installation

Stretch ceilings can be installed last, when the owners have already stopped by the house or apartment. The installation technology assumes a minimum of debris and dust — fresh repairs will not suffer.

When there is a risk of flooding

Stretch ceilings are able to hold water for a long time, and therefore are ideal for finishing wet areas. Of course, after the “flood” the panel is deformed. But if there was not much water, and the leak was quickly eliminated, the ceiling itself will take its original shape. In difficult cases (there was a lot of water / she stood for a long time) can not do without calling a specialist: with the help of special equipment, he will drain the water, remove part of the ceiling, dry it, treat it with antifungal agents and return the canvas to its place.

Construction in the Dominican Republic with our company allows you to use the latest technologies. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Smart Home system


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