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So what is a “SMART HOME”?

A smart home is understood as a set of solutions that allow you to automate everyday activities, relieving the owner of routine. Moreover, it is rather not a set of devices that can be “commanded” remotely, but a single control system for them. It provides specific benefits to the user, including visibility of control, convenience, saving time and effort.

The main functions of a smart home:

– Increased comfort. Home automation allows a person to spend less time and effort on various routine actions. With its help, the apartment will be bright in the evening, cool in the afternoon, your favorite music will turn on at the right time, and all this without the user’s efforts.

– Ensuring security. A smart home allows you to protect yourself from gas leaks, fire, actions from hooligans and thieves.

– Economy and energy saving. A well-thought-out system helps to reduce the cost of electricity bills.