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Luxury villas in the execution of the "Constructora Domino"Luxury villas in the execution of the Constructora Domino

Luxury villas in the execution of the “Constructora Domino”

The construction of villas is a complex process that should be handled by an experienced team of professionals. The company “Constructora Domino” has a team of experienced employees and can perform the construction of villas. Having an idea of how all the stages of the construction of buildings are carried out, you will definitely choose our company. We fully control the work of specialists, monitor deadlines, materials used, compliance with standards and requirements.

The only thing that the future owner will need is to approve the selected or individually executed project of the future luxury villa. Of course, you can always show up at the construction site for personal interim control.

The construction of the villa has several main stages:

• We take into account the opinion of customers, so at the meeting you can voice all your wishes. Specialists will develop an individual visualization (ZD project).
• Based on the project plan, we select the optimal material, each element of which is manufactured in the factory.
• After miscalculations, soil analysis, we select the optimal variant of the foundation, create it.
• We assemble the structure, carry out all necessary communications (water supply, electricity, ventilation, sewerage).
• All external/internal finishing works are carried out at the finishing stage.

There are several reasons why it is worth ordering this service:

This saves personal time, frees customers from unnecessary hassle. We independently ensure the implementation of all stages of construction, we will purchase materials at favorable prices, we will properly monitor the work of builders..

All employees of the company “Constructor-Domino” (builders, finishers, installers, concrete workers, etc.) work smoothly, consistently, which reduces to zero the occurrence of any kind of problems that may arise between different stages of construction.

When signing a project plan, a cooperation agreement, customers also receive an estimate, which remains unchanged throughout all construction activities, which guarantees a fixed amount of financial costs. Working for a long time on the market, we cooperate directly with manufacturing plants, which ensures: loyal prices, high speed of manufacturing of necessary parts, fast delivery.

How is the construction of our villas

Construction of villas. At the first stages of construction, a trench is dug under the ribbon foundation, reinforcement binding is laid and reinforcement columns are installed. After that, high-quality concrete is poured.

After removing the walls to the zero level and compacting the ground, water and drain communications are laid, metal reinforcement is performed and the house plate is poured.

A few days later, the supporting columns are filled in and the walls are raised. The next stage is the assembly of the formwork for the load-bearing floors and the general roof of the house. At the end, electrical communications are laid, metal reinforcement is installed and high-quality concrete is poured.

A few weeks later, the formwork is removed and plastering work begins. When the plastering of the villa is completed from the inside, the plasterers’ team starts plastering the villa from the outside. At this time, finishing works begin inside. Teams of tile makers and molars, at a high level, perform their work in the shortest possible time, so that furniture installers can start their work as quickly as possible.

Upon completion of this stage, the process of preparing for the transfer of the villa to the customer begins, namely: the elimination of minor defects and the installation of accessories. By this time, the exterior finishing and painting of the villa has already been completed, as well as the pool and garden part of the plot are ready for use.

At the last stage, the customer receives the keys to his new villa.

What does the Constructora Domino offer?

Our company carries out the construction of villas. You will not have to deal with any processes other than the description of wishes.

We practice an integrated approach to each project. Therefore, a close-knit team of professionals from different industries will work on your villa:

• designers;
• architects;
• designers;
• engineers;
• builders;
• managers.

During the development of the project, all issues in the direction of architecture, the search for optimal engineering and design solutions are discussed. We also guarantee high-quality performance of all works and supervision of the author for the entire period of construction.

Our employees constantly monitor the market for the best construction materials and new technological solutions that will satisfy the high demands of customers.


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