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Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings undoubtedly have many advantages, which is why a large number of people choose it for their home. This is a versatile material and is suitable for any room. Depending on the goals and objectives, you can make a ceiling that visually expands the space. With the help of photo printing, any drawing can be applied to the canvas, and any lighting devices can be used that will successfully emphasize its aesthetics.

But this type of ceiling is famous not only for its aesthetic properties. It attracts both durability and ease of use. The warranty period of suspended ceilings is from 10 to 15 years. However, as practice shows, the real service life is much longer. In addition, a stretch ceiling can serve as an excellent insulator. It can protect from noise and in some cases prevent flooding of the apartment. At the same time, bacteria and fungus will not appear on its surface.

No other ceiling can be installed as quickly as a stretch ceiling. And if you need to mount a simple canvas in one level, then 3 hours will be enough. During the installation of this type of ceiling, there is practically no waste. It can even be installed in a room where repairs have already been made and furniture is standing.

By the way, the stretch ceiling does not have a very high price. If you compare its cost with the cost of a suspended ceiling made of drywall, then the first one will cost much cheaper. After all, for such a ceiling, except for the canvas itself, no other materials are needed. While for hanging you will also need to buy a special profile, paint and putty.

Under the ceiling canvas, you can hide any communications, whether it’s wiring or ventilation or fire sensors. The original surface under the ceiling does not need special finishing and preparation, it can be covered with old paint or plastered.

Well, and most importantly, only a qualified specialist can install such a ceiling, alas, you will not be able to stretch the canvas yourself. Therefore, the final cost will also need to include the cost of installation.

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