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Bedroom curtains modern style trends

Bedroom curtains: modern style trends

Bedroom curtains: modern style trends

Short and long, dense and airy, bright and transparent: in this article we will find out which bedroom curtains are in fashion now and learn how to choose them correctly.

The bedroom is a special room. This is a place where we rest, relax, recuperate and replenish our energy. The main task is to create conditions for a comfortable, full-fledged sleep. Therefore, when choosing curtains in a modern style in the bedroom, it is important to take into account several points at once. And this is not only the appearance, but also the design features, material and much more. All the information that will be useful to you is collected in this article.

All about bedroom curtains. What is fashionable now

If you spend a little time and get acquainted with photos of the works of modern interior designers, you can see a number of common points in the choice of textiles for windows.

What kind of bedroom curtains are in fashion now?

  • Natural fabrics, without artificial gloss.
  • Laconic design, simple shapes.
  • Multilayer. Designers offer a variety of ideas. Combine classic curtains with Roman or roll-up, with blinds and shutters. Sometimes the number of layers can reach even three: roll/Roman curtain, tulle, curtains.
  • Double curtains. This is also about layering. But in this case, two canvases of classic straight curtains of different colors are combined on the window.
  • Two-tone curtains in the bedroom in a modern style. Another trend. Colors can smoothly merge into one another, the canvas can be divided into two colors horizontally or vertically with a clear border. For example, a classic combination of brown with beige, brighter – white with blue, strict – gray with purple or lilac.
  • Hidden or minimalistic cornice. Carved, massive structures receded into the background, giving way to simpler forms.

Tips on how to choose curtains for the bedroom

Bedroom curtains modern style trends

Features of the room.

For a room with windows on the sunny side, dense ones will be needed. For a small, cramped room, Roman or roll-up blinds in combination with light tulle or without it are better. For a bedroom with windows facing north, where there is little light, you can choose tulle or tulle in combination with thin light curtains.

Bedroom curtains modern style trends


The shade of the curtains should correspond to the overall palette of the room. If the room is in pastel colors, you can choose accent curtains of a richer or darker color. In a small dark space, it is better to leave the window area light. And if the space around is decorated in bright colors, there are contrasting patterns or an active pattern on the walls, curtains should be chosen monochrome, calm basic shades.

Color selection cheat sheet

The walls are Light
(white, beige, pastel colors)
Curtains – Light
(white, beige, ivory, cream); pastel shades of blue, green, peach; contrasting – emerald, blue, terracotta, dark brown.

The Walls Are Bright
(saturated colors, monochrome or with a contrasting pattern)
Curtains – Contrasting color with the walls
(in the color of the pattern; in the color of the accent wall; calm neutral shades)

Walls – Dark color
Curtains – Light
(bright, contrasting colors; in the color of the walls, but a lighter shade.)

Bedroom curtains modern style trends


To do this, you need to measure two quantities. The first is the length of the cornice. In order for curtains to be draped with beautiful folds, they must be longer than the cornice. You can calculate the size using the following formula: the length of the cornice is multiplied by the assembly coefficient. Usually this coefficient ranges from 1.5 to 3. The second value is the distance from the cornice to the floor. If you are afraid that the canvases will collect dust and dirt – take 1.5-2 cm shorter so that there is a small gap between the canvas and the floor covering.

If the area of the room allows, there is enough free space, you can choose curtains that will “lie” on the floor. This technique visually increases the height of the ceiling, makes the window area more elongated in the vertical plane.

Have you counted everything? You can go to the store or atelier!