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How to build a villa

How to build a villa

How to build a villa: 5 stages of preparation for the realization of a dream. We will tell you about the stages of independent preparation for the construction of a house: choosing a plot, preparing a project, choosing a contractor and other points.

Someone dreams of a comfortable house that takes into account the wishes of each family member, someone wants to invest in real estate and receive passive income. In any case, the stages of preparation and construction remain unchanged. Many are ready to do construction, but do not always know where to start.

How to start building a house: step-by-step actions
For those who are ready to plan and build, we have prepared a step-by-step cheat sheet.

1. Buying a plot

The choice and subsequent purchase of a plot is where you need to start building a house with your own hands. Both legal and practical nuances are considered important. Start with a detailed inspection of the territory offered for purchase. Let’s consider a few points.

  • Location. Take into account the territorial accessibility of the site: the presence of roads, proximity to social facilities.
  • Safety. Pay attention to the security of this area.
  • Features of the earth. Take into account the area of the territory, its shape, relief, soil type. For example, if there is a slope, you will need to level it. These are additional costs for planning and carrying out earthworks.
  • Infrastructure. Evaluate the existing engineering communications or the possibility of their summing up and connection.
  • Documents. The seller’s documents must be authentic, correctly filled out.
  • Additional expenses. It is necessary to determine whether additional funds will have to be spent and in what quantities. For example, if there is a dilapidated building on the territory, it will need to be dismantled and removed.

Constructora Domino employees use their skills, experience in communicating with people and doing business to make the process of buying land in the Dominican Republic clear and easy for you.

Our specialists will select a plot for you in accordance with your requests and will advise you on legal issues.

Each country has its own rules and subtleties of land acquisition and construction, which we will take care of ourselves.

2. Project preparation.

You can order an individual project or choose a standard one. It will take a lot of time and money to get the first one. The second one will be cheaper, and construction can begin immediately. In any case, you need to evaluate your wishes according to the following checklist.

  • The total area, the number of rooms on it.
  • The presence of the second floor. This is good for small plots. The total area will be sufficient, and the building will take up less space.
  • The height of the premises.
  • Number of bathrooms.
  • Dimensions of all rooms.
  • Additional rooms, amenities.

3. Architectural plan

Architectural design is a key, without exaggeration, the main stage of construction.
The basics of architectural design are initially determined by the customer. During the dialogue, the main and most important aspects of the task are determined. At this time, the person explains his vision of the final result. Measurements of the site are carried out, only after that the architectural design of houses begins
Architectural design is designed to create the design of your dreams and provide the most accurate solution to the problem of building a structure. We are the best at this, as we have a number of advantages

  • We create exclusive projects;
  • Individual approach to the client;
  • Strict compliance with standards and technical regulations;
  • Optimal cost of services;
  • Compliance with the terms of the order;
  • Implementation of architectural solutions of any complexity level;
  • Professional approach.

Despite the numerous difficulties in completing the task, we are ready to devote a sufficient amount of time to it until the expected result and compliance with the standards are obtained.
Highly qualified specialists allow you to guarantee the quality of the project and meet your expectations. If there is a desire, we will help to make the drawing a reality.

4. Obtaining a permit

Before you build a house from scratch yourself, you need to get a permit. To obtain a permit for them, it is necessary to contact the local authorities at the location of the land plot. They will demand to collect a package of documents. Their list differs in different regions, so it is necessary to clarify it in the administration.

Constructora Domino employees have been engaged in construction for many years and easily draw up all the necessary documents for construction.

5. Contractor selection

Not everyone is ready to build a house with their own hands. Most often, a contractor is selected to perform the work. This is a very responsible step. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of candidates. For some, good recommendations from acquaintances or friends are enough, but they also need to be checked.

The conclusion of the contract is a mandatory point. It is necessary to provide a list of all upcoming works, specify the time frame in which they must be completed, fix the amount and payment terms. You can add additional elements. For example, sanctions or fines for poor quality, non-compliance with deadlines.

The construction of a villa is not an easy and responsible business. Before proceeding with it, you need to study everything related to the design and construction of a building. Do not neglect the help of specialists. They will help to build a reliable and durable house.