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Design project

Design project in the Dominican Republic

Design project with attention to every detail. During the construction of the villa, the design work can be divided into two stages :

  1. Designing a house building with floor plans, facades and necessary structural drawings for construction
  2. Home design with interior design with drawings for finishing and decorative works and 3D visualization of the interior. At the stage of the interior design project, the style and design of each room is developed and then working drawings are issued for the implementation and construction of the interior.

Design project in the Dominican Republic

For a clear understanding of the style of the future interior, it is desirable to perform the stage of selection of finishing materials and the stage of 3D visualization of the living room, bedrooms, office, all stylistically significant rooms.

Now our company employs the best designers who create individual projects for a comfortable life of clients. Repair work is carried out only by highly qualified specialists, you can not worry about the technical component of the project.

Our approach is to take care of the customer. Freeing up time and saving effort, the ability not to worry about the result.

The design project looks like a presentation of the future interior, supported by documents for repair teams and a list of goods that are needed for the design. The customer fully sees the entire selected assortment in the image, taking into account finishing materials, fabrics and decor. . Moreover, he can see the room from different angles and angles.

Visualization helps mutual understanding between the customer and the construction company. Each party to the contract will know what the final should look like during the final implementation of the project.

Visualization allows you to optimize your work and save time. For example, on visualization, you can show the customer several solutions. Not to experiment on the object, but to play on the computer.

What is included in a standard design project?

First of all, the designer presents the visualization to the owner. This part of the project is clear to everyone. Thanks to the images of the future interior, you can see how the whole picture will look – the layout and zoning, the combination of finishes and furniture items are clear.

Floor plans

You will be able to clearly see how this or that tile will look in each room.

Drawing furniture

The designer also draws furniture models that need to be custom-made. Depending on the budget and the needs of the owner, it is possible to choose simple or more technologically advanced kitchen furniture designs, as well as the internal organization of drawers.

Wiring plans

There are several plans for an electrician – for the installation of lamps and switches, as well as for sockets. Thanks to 3D visualization, the customer “plunges” into the space of his future home and understands more precisely what can interfere or will be useful.

Planning solution
Perhaps the most important part of a design project, which usually takes quite a long time to discuss. Such a plan includes the choice of the layout of the house, and the arrangement of furniture. When working on a project, designers take into account both your wishes and their own knowledge of ergonomics, functional zoning of premises and creative imagination. Usually the designer provides from 1 to 3 possible layout options, on the basis of which you come to the optimal option.

A truly high-quality three-dimensional visualization allows you not only to see the rooms from different angles, to examine the selected furniture and finishing materials in detail, as well as to understand how light will spread into the room. It is very important for the correct selection and placement of lamps and helps to choose suitable interior accessories, ranging from textiles to art objects.

Design project