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Is real estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment

Thinking where to invest and not lose money? And you ask yourself, “Is real estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment.” I think it’s time to share our experience of how we asked the same question and how we searched for the answer. Having two properties of more than 20 of our free capital invested in real estate in our country we began to compare in which country the income from renting out real estate is higher and at the same time less risky, having studied the political and legislative basis of the Dominican Republic we have come to the conclusion that investment in real estate in this country, with a fairly high level of HDI, and a stable political system is the best opportunity for us.

I am not a financial adviser, so I would never give a specific investment advice to another person, and just because real estate in the Dominican Republic works for our companydoes not mean that it will work for you, because there are so many subtleties and differences between our country and the Dominican Republic. We’ve been adapting for 3 years. But we can share our experience and provide you with passive income services investment in the Dominican Republic.

We will prove to you whether real estate in the Dominican Republic is a good investment.
To do this, we advise you to use our services to build a villa. In the case of construction, the cost of investment will be less than about 30 of the cost of buying the finished villa. All you need is to choose an option and layout that you like, because I’m sure something that likes you will like and others. To sign a contract with our company for real estate management services. We guarantee you an income of more than 6 per annum from the value of your house, we are so sure that we are ready to sign a contract with you that guarantee it, with our money within 2 years from the start of renting and pay you the difference if the income will be less than 8 per annum.

During our adaptation we bought two properties and an apartment. and during the first year we were able to earn 12 of the purchase price, with an employment of 48 per year. Of course we had to improve. That’s what we did tirelessly. I have seen people with ambition and patience try to build a business on the principles that have operated in their countries, and I have seen how many of them have failed. But we were diligent and persistent, eventually next year we were able to get 15 annual income and 58 averageemployment.

How we came to the question “Is real estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment”
We started out as a typical investor or investor you read about in personal finance magazines. We hit a lot of bumps and lost a lot of money. We invested in equity and expected that the compounding would make our lives easier until we were 60 years old, and we could get away from the constant neurosis about paper assets.

However, by the age of 33, we realized that we wanted a more flexible entrepreneurial career and to retire earlier, in order to be able to enjoy life before the age of 60, that is, to receive a new pension, which is based on passive income. .

All we needed was to understand and answer “Yes” to the following questions:

Should we invest in real estate? (Or somewhere else)
Should we invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic? (Or somewhere else)
Should we invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic now? (or at other times)
As soon as the decision was made we started to study places that tourists like and where there is no surplus of hotels. Our choice fell on Sosua as a place to buy a house and Cabarete as a place to buy an apartment. At that moment it was, two absolutely opposite in terms of the types of tourists, the city. Now it is one agglomeration, and the border of Cabarete quietly flows into Sosua and has no clear distinction.

Two ways to invest.
If you are looking for a way to save and increase your free funds you have two ways to invest in paper which periodically, if you believe the stories are depreciated. Or follow our example and start profiting now.

All you need to understand is that there are two ways. And we paved one of them, and we can help you. We will be your pilot in the Caribbean real estate and will be able to provide you with the maximum return on your investment.