Garden Dream Villa

Garden Dream Villa

The Caribbean-style villa has 2 bedrooms and a spacious living room – kitchen with access to the pool and barbecue. In the evening, the pool is illuminated with multi-colored LED lights.

This is a cozy villa that will delight you every day

The company Constructor Domino helped the client with the selection and design of the construction site. The villa was built by Constructor Domino according to the individual plan of the client. Also, our specialists have created the interior design of the villa according to individual requirements, based on the layout of the room and its dimensions.

Our competent professionals will help to emphasize the individuality and spectacular look of the interior.

After the construction and registration, the villa was transferred to our company for trust management. Our rental department is engaged in renting out the villa, settling guests, cleaning and maintenance of the property. The owner of the villa receives money from putting the villa on the card.

Garden Dream Villa


Client: Garden Dream Villa
Location: Dominican Republic, Sosua
Surface Area: 120 m2
Completed: 2021
Architect: Constructora Domino

Garden Dream Villa

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120 square meters

✔️ Kitchen- living room 45 m2
✔️ Master Bedroom 16 m2
✔️ Main Bathroom 10 m2
✔️ Guest Bedroom 12 m2
✔️ Bathroom 10 m2
✔️ Laundry room 9 m2
✔️ Swimming pool 30 m2

Garden Dream Villa


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