Dream House

Dream House

This two-storey house with a flat roof will appeal to people with a delicate taste, accustomed to combining comfort with functionality.

On the second floor there is a large master bedroom with a wardrobe and a private bathroom

The company Constructor Domino helped the client with the selection and design of the construction site. The villa was built by Constructor Domino according to the individual plan of the client.

Dream House


Client: Isaac
Location: Dominican Republic, Sosua Ocean Village
Surface Area: 1,418 m2
Completed: 2021
Value: $850,000
Architect: Alexandra Quezada

Dream House

Let's build this House together!

1,418 square meters

✔️ Kitchen- living room
✔️ 4 Bedroom
✔️ 6 Bathroom
✔️ Laundry room
✔️ Roof access

✔️ BBQ area
✔️ Parking
✔️ Big pool and pool area
✔️ Security 24/7

Such land is hard to find, so don’t miss it!



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