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How to decorate in black and white

How to decorate in black and white

How to decorate in black and white. The black and white house is a metaphor of human life with its stripes of hopes and disappointments and one of the main trends of modern design.

The classic color combination makes any room — from bathrooms to bedrooms — sophisticated, chic, and timeless. From horizontal stripes to graphic floor tile, designers share their favorite black-and-white decorating ideas.

Mixing black and white in equal proportions, as we know, gives gray. And even if the colors are not really mixed, our brain still perceives the equalization of black and white as gray.

Therefore, a black-and-white composition should strive for the dominance of one of the colors. When choosing the color to which the balance will be shifted, remember that white expands, fills with air and light. But at the same time cool.

Black, on the contrary, reduces, but at the same time adds warmth and comfort. This is often used by designers when creating stylish dark bedrooms. Psychologists call black the color of privacy, the security of personal space – exactly what you need in the private area of your home. And white furniture against black walls will look light, no matter how massive it really is. It is believed that black color for walls and ceiling should not be chosen for small rooms with small windows. However, there are exceptions to all the rules.