Villa Mauri

Villa Mauri from 108 022$

Build Villa Mauri with CDomino on a 159 sq.m plot in the popular Perla Marina residence in the heart of Sosua. The initial payment will be only 108 022$

This two-storey house with a flat roof will appeal to people with a delicate taste, accustomed to combining comfort with functionality.

This is a TURNKEY READY-made house. The price includes land and construction.

We are building the property you are looking for 😉
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Villa Mauri


Client: Dominion Luxury Villas
Location: Dominican Republic, Sosua, Perla Marina
Surface Area: 390 m2
Completed: 2022
Value: 360 074$

Villa Mauri

Let's build this House together!

159 square meters

✔️ Lot №1 390 square meters

✔️ Bedroom 3
✔️ Bathroom 2,5
✔️ Garage
✔️ Swimming pool 10 000 g

Such land is hard to find, so don’t miss it!

Mauri Villa


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Construction in the Dominican Republic

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Villa construction Sosua

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