Villa Life Style

Villa Life Style

Villa Life Style, equipped with all the necessary for life in the Dominican Republic! The new villas are built with innovative and advanced building materials, with an attentive attitude to every detail and in accordance with the latest trends in interior design. If you dream of a beautiful life in a stunning luxury home in the Dominican Republic, in a prestigious first-class location, this is your chance!

The complex in which Villa Life Style is built embodies all the best ideas about comfort for housing, work and recreation. The modern concept of the complex creates unique advantages of the project. The impressive Eco-style Villa Life Style fits the trends and pays attention to the comfort of a dynamic lifestyle, offering a relaxing atmosphere, peace of mind and tranquillity.

This is a worthy place for those who know the price, who care about the environment and isolation of their own home, where there is no fuss and noise!

A compact and comfortable 195 square metre villa with a parking lot and an outdoor swimming pool overlooking its own garden.

Each villa is planned by our architects in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the owners, provided that the project corresponds to a modular architectural concept.

Villa Life Style


Client: Dominion Luxury Villas
Location: Dominican Republic, Sosua, Perla Marina
Surface Area: 195 m2
Completed: 2022
Value: $350,000

Villa Life Style

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195 square meters

✔️ Kitchen- living room
✔️ 2 Bedroom
✔️ 2 Bathroom
✔️ Swimming pool
✔️ BBQ area
✔️ Parking
✔️ Security 24/7

Such land is hard to find, so don’t miss it!



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